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Internet Commerce in the Subcontractor Selection process in the A/E/C Industry:
Developing Electronic Models to Support the Bidding Process for A/E/C Commerce on the Internet

Principal Investigator Hans Bjornsson
Ph.D. Students Andrew Arnold and Martin Ekstrom
Project Sponsors CIFE and ITBoF (IT Construction), Sweden
Project Date 10/1/98 to 9/30/00
Description This research investigates the requirements for models that describe the content of a bid package so that this information can be formalized, linked with detailed project design and engineering information, and published on the Internet i n an E-commerce system. Computer-interpretable models for bid packages will support the automation of information exchange for the mission-critical activities associated with bid package generation and dissemination, and furnish knowledge-based support fo r activities associated with bid package interpretation and processing for cost estimation. We will perform an information requirement study to understand the modeling requirements for making the activities associated with project bidding part of a virtua l product delivery process. To test our understanding of the representation issues, and to develop familiarity with the emerging Internet technology for active web documents, we will define bid information document models that will be used with a proof-of -concept application to publish a mock-up bid proposal as an active Web document (XML format). This project will provide insight for further research to field prototype electronic bidding services in a AEC E-commerce system.
Publications Martin Ekstrom, John Taylor, Hans Bjornsson, Andrew Arnold, Developing Electronic Models to support Internet Bidding, CIFE Technical Report #116, June, 2000