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Trust Building: Rating Mechanisms in AEC e-Commerce

Principal Investigator Hans Bjornsson
Ph.D. Student Martin Ekstrom
Project Sponsors CIFE and ITBoF (IT Construction), Sweden
Project Date 10/1/99
Description The research will investigate how a collaborative reputation mechanism or rating system can be implemented in an e-commerce framework in the construction industry. e-Commerce enables the matching of buyers and sellers that were previously unknown to one another. This is unlikely to take place unless a means of exchanging valid information about the quality of the market participants exists. The research objectives are to use economic theory to develop market rules that promote truthful behavior and to formalize the information sharing in AEC. Interviews, literature review, and a survey of existing online business models will be the basis for framework for a rating system. This framework will be validated through simulation of a market for construction industry services, and web-based surveys of industry participants.
Website http://www.stanford.edu/~mekstrom/research/AECRating.htm