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Best Practices for XML Data Interchange Standardization

Principal Investigator Boyd Paulson
Associate PI William Behrman
Project Sponsor CIFE
Project Date 10/1/00 - 9/30/01
Description This research proposal consists of two parts. The first part is to provide a strategic context for electronic business and commerce in the AEC industry and will draw on the expertise of Stanford's Center for Electronic Business and Commerce. We will review and evaluate the case studies and conceptual tools used to understand how industries are being transformed by information technologies, and we will distill that which is most relevant to the AEC industry. The second part is described in the title and will draw on the expertise of The Stanford Networking Research Center. We will compile a set of XML standardization best practices, and we will select a link and assemble a team for their application. The goal is to develop not just a specific standard but a standardization process that, once tested and shown to work, could be used by others to develop other XML standards for applications in the AEC industry.
Website http://www.stanford.edu/~behrman/research/standardization/